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Web App development with PHP, Vue.js and Laravel by GS Software

Web project development

Web project development projects usually comprise two components: Web Design and Web Development. Web design includes the initial website mockup and layout design. Web development includes CMS/Blog implementation, e-commerce solution, and custom PHP/ASP/JSP coding.

Except for a setup fee, we only charge money after the work has been done, based on the agreed on an hourly amount per timeframe – that’s usually either 7 days or 14 days. At the end of such a work cycle, you receive the invoice and 1 working day after that we charge your payment method.

As we provide tools (Hubstaff) to check the work output during that timeframe as well as regularly provide updates on staging servers as agreed on in the project, we assume that you are satisfied with the work we delivered. That’s why money, once we charged your payment method, is non-refundable. Otherwise, you would have voiced your dissatisfaction during the work period or the latest when receiving the invoice.

You are entitled to get 100% refund of the upfront payment (e.g. setup fee) you made in the event of:

  • We didn’t start your project at all or we’re unable to start soon.
  • You want to cancel the project within 24 hours of making payment.
  • You want to cancel the project within 2 hours of logged work as per Hubstaff (test period)

No refund will be given if:

  • You have already approved some work progress. This condition will not apply if we are unable to complete the project as per the project’s specifications.
  • The project delays are caused by a lack of communication from your end.

Hosting, Domain and 3rd party service Registration

In case of service cancellation request submitted by the customer, a prorated refund will be issued if the account is eligible for a refund.

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